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Draping Foundation 

Elect Training Academy has brought a unique and high quality event and wedding draping course into being which is specifically designed for staff training and development of hotels, guesthouses, events companies and small businesses. Our exceptional course includes features like safety training, suppliers guide, fabric samples in addition to the step-by-step instruction guide of event and wedding draping.

This is a practical orientated course specifically designed for individuals that would like to start draping at small weddings, helping friends or maybe start a small business. It will equip you to be able to do all the basics needed at a wedding.

During Draping Foundation, students w ill learn about the various aspects of event and wedding draping, maintenance and cleaning of equipment and fabric, basic creative concepts, safety with regard to the handling of tools, consultation with the client etc.

The subjects of this course includes:

Safety training
Fabric: types and care
Basic art concepts
Stage draping
Main table draping
Chair draping
Backdrop draping
Wedding sheets and mood boards

Entrance Requirements:

Read, write and comprehend English
Basic creativity skills

2 Evenings & 1 Full Day

On completion of the course students will write an open book test and will take part in a practical examination after the open book test.

Elect Draping Foundation Certificate


Room and Roof draping: All over venues is fully booked for wedding and year end functions. When you or your client needs to book you don’t always have a choice in the décor of the venue. Draping the venue adds glamour and elegance, but that’s not all. A good draping design will positively transform the atmosphere of your site and enhance your theme. It can help mask unsightly elements like poorly maintained ceilings and unfortunate ceiling fixture.
Marquee draping: A marquee can be the most magical setting for a wedding reception but their linings can often look a bit plain. Draping can be a great addition to any marquee. Learn about the art of marquee draping. You can create looks ranging from the classic elegance of ivory to coloured teeming to create a unique individual event.
Arch and Gazebo: Most brides prefer to get married in the summer - in a beautiful garden, on a wine farm or on the beach. There is nothing more beautiful at an outdoor wedding than a wedding arch that has been decorated to match the overall feel of the wedding.
There are many event organizers in South Africa, but not all of them have got the skills to do the décor. Learn to use your natural creative talents to create opportunities to earn a substantial income or use it to generate extra funds.

The subjects of this course includes:
Arch and gazebo draping
Venue & roof draping
Marquee draping

Entrance requirements:

Draping Foundation Course Certificate

3 Evenings & 1 Full Day

There will be assessments throughout the course
Students will take part in a practical examination on the final day

Elect Advanced Draping Certificate