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Course Information
Elect Training Academy, in association with Drum Beat Academy, presents a SETA-Accredited course that will train your staff to plan and organize functions on an international level. Hotel and Guest House staff will start to understand the principles behind an event as well as be able to do all décor of an event themselves. Secretaries will be able to organize the company events without the help of an events coordinator and thus saving the company a lot of money!

The subjects of this course includes:

Event elements

Safety and security

Planning of an event

Special events – sport, wedding, etc.

Draping foundation course - practical
Décor foundation course - practical
And choose one of the following to broaded your scope:
Décor advance (Events design advance)
Draping advance
Kids party planning
Table settings & Centre pieces
Protocol & Etiquette

Entrance requirements:

Read, write and comprehend English

Basic creativity skills


Assessment will include putting together a mock event. Every day during the course an hour will be set aside to help students with their function. The last day of the course these students will have to set a table in the theme, with a backdrop etc. as well as presenting a full events file to the assessors.


SETA Accredited Drum Beat Academy Certificate
Elect Acknowledgement